PreCalc Honors Announcements & Documents

Upcoming Test/Quiz Dates

Verifying Identities Test - 12/4/18
Verifying Group Assignment - 12/5/18
Solving Trig Equations - 12/14/18
Law of Sines and Cosines Quiz - 12/21/18


Below are links to documents/notes for PreCalc Honors.

Factoring Notes - 8/23/18

Factoring WS (Homework 8/23/18)

Solving Homework Solutions

Solving Inequalities Notes

8/30 HW Solutions

8/31 HW Solutions

9/12 Analyzing Graphs HW

Writing and Graphing Trig Equations Review Problems

Chapter 4.7-8 Practice WS

Holiday Verifying Fun Solutions

Pg 396 - Extra Verifying Practice Solutions...#37 should end with -cotx = -cotx...not sure what I was doing when I put "tanx" on both sides as the last step.